Two Options For When Shit Happens

Jeremy Enns
2 min readJan 25, 2020

Nothing in life is certain but death, taxes and that at some point, Shit is going to happen.

While we’re amending famous quotes, let’s take it one step further.

At many points, Shit is going to happen.

As long as you’re breathing, you can be sure that your plans are not always going to work out the way you hope.

Shit doesn’t discriminate, it happens to all of us.

It happens in big ways and small, and happens in every size, shape, and colour.

You can plan for the Shit, make contingencies to lessen the frequency of it happening and the impact on your life and work when it does.

But make no mistake, Shit is still going to happen, and it’s not going to be in the way you expect.

That’s what makes it Shit instead of an obstacle you expected and prepared for in advance.

It’s going to hurt, knock you off balance, pummel your ego and cause you to question your abilities.

When the Shit has you at your lowest, you have a couple of options.

You can follow your natural instinct and retreat to your cave, hide and blame others, yourself or fate for the Shit that happened.

Or, you can accept the Shit that’s happened, pick yourself up and get back to work.

Most people won’t hold it against you if you choose the cave. We’ve all felt the same urge to protect ourselves when shit happens to us.

You may even need to spend some time in the cave to lick your wounds and heal.

But the cave can become safe, comfortable, familiar. It’s all too easy to retreat to the cave, shut out the outside world and let the years pass by, pushing down any urge to get out and stretch your legs again for fear of what might happen if you venture too far from your den.

If you believe in the work you do and your vision for the world, when Shit happens you need to force yourself out of the cave.

Accept that Shit happened to you, but accept that while your Shit may be unique, it’s not so different from the Shit that happens to everyone else.

Learn what lessons you can from it, or don’t. Shit doesn’t always come with a lesson.

Seek out the people who see the value in your work and won’t let you settle for hiding.

Understand however that ultimately you will be the one who needs to decide to own your Shit and get back to work.

Your work is too important to keep in the dark.

Jeremy Enns

Founder of podcast production and content amplification agency Counterweight Creative. Believer in the power of kindness and generosity.