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The mentality of the underdog is an empowering mindset to own and embody.

The underdog expects that nothing will come easy.

That nothing will be freely given.

That everything they desire must be worked, clawed, and fought for.

The underdog owns her situation.

She doesn’t blame or begrudge, others, fate, or the system she is working to change for her hardships and the inequities forced upon her (even though they may be stacked against her).

She simply recommits to working harder, taking a new tack, approaching the challenge from a different angle. Time and time and time again until she succeeds.

The underdog knows that when so little is freely given, one of the most powerful acts is to freely give.

To share what little comes her way with those less fortunate.

For there are always those that are less fortunate.

She passes on what she has learned.

Lifts up instead of puts down.

Takes on the role of the champion, cheerleader and supporter she wishes she had when she was starting out with less than she has now.

The underdog knows that while this tactic or that might not work, if she keeps trying, experimenting, exploring every angle of her problem, eventually it will be solved.

She maintains belief.

Trust in herself.

Hope in the face of endless adversity.

That one day, it will pay off.

That her work has the power to change things in a deep and meaningful way, if only for a few people.

We could all use a bit more of the underdog mentality.

Founder of podcast production and content amplification agency Counterweight Creative. Believer in the power of kindness and generosity.

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