How To Solve Creative Problems In A Way That Resonates

Jeremy Enns
4 min readJan 17, 2020

When it really comes down to it, almost everything we do in our work boils down to solving problems.

Solving problems for other people, for our teams, for ourselves.

Problems, problems, problems, everywhere we look.

Given that this is our reality, it helps to have a framework before we begin to work on a given problem to determine how to best go about attempting to solve it, and indeed if we should even be the ones working on it in the first place.

Before accepting any project, or beginning to solve any problem we should ask ourselves 3 questions to help calibrate our view of what needs to happen and how it needs to be done.

Who is it for?

Most of us are not in the business of mass-market product or service manufacturing.

Who we are doing the work for, be that our audience, a client, a client’s audience, or anyone else will have a huge effect on the final product.

Designing a new website for Nike is not going to look the same as designing a new website for Ford, let alone designing a website for the new podcast you’re launching for your own audience.

Too often we think we’re making something for a client, when we’re really making it for their audience.

We need to dig deeper, because who it’s really for matters.

What’s it for?

At the start of a new project, especially one we’re excited about, it can be easy to get ahead of ourselves and dive in headfirst without taking the time to ask what the bigger purpose is behind it.

Sometimes the reason is obvious, such as building a landing page with the sole purpose of selling a product, but it isn’t always so clear.

When it comes to the website for your podcast, for example, there’s a lot to consider.

You may be launching the podcast to educate your audience, build a loyal following for yourself, create and sell products and services, level up your network by connecting with interesting guests, and build up clout in your industry.



Jeremy Enns

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