• Neil Hedley

    Neil Hedley

    Writer / author. Broadcaster / podcaster. Teacher / learner. Talker / listener. Creative Services Director at KNOPP Studios (knoppstudios.com)

  • Adrien Behn

    Adrien Behn

  • Jessyka Renman

    Jessyka Renman

  • Archit Jain

    Archit Jain

    Marketer by education & Passion Like to read and discuss about Consumer Behaviour, Neuro marketing, Digital Marketing, Branding Marketing strategies.Let’s share

  • Kim Villagante

    Kim Villagante

  • Adam Spencer

    Adam Spencer

    Host of the podcast @WelcometoDayOne — The podcast for regional startups. https://welcometodayone.com/trailer

  • Conal O’Herlihy

    Conal O’Herlihy

    Founder of No One Else Media, a “craft” podcasting content creation company. Non-fiction TV producer for 20 years. Dad, Husband, Sailor, Bard.

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