5 Ways to Fix Your Podcast’s Discoverability Problem

Jeremy Enns
5 min readApr 10, 2020

A lot gets made over podcasting’s so-called “Discoverability Problem,” the perceived difficulty of allowing listeners to easily discover relevant podcasts.

I call BS.

Here are five quick thoughts on how to fix the discoverability problem for your show.

1. Realize That Your Problem Is Not Unique

Podcasters are far from alone in their quest to get their product in front of the people who could use and enjoy it, if not people who are already actively looking for it.

Almost every business that has ever existed has faced this challenge at some point, and the ones that were successful found out how to connect with their target audience.

There are examples all around us, from other podcasters to businesses to authors trying to get found on Amazon. The roadmap is there for the taking.

2. Take the Lead

Instead of waiting for podcasting apps and platforms to deliver the breakthrough development that will take your show and drop it into the lap of every one of your ideal listeners, you need to take the lead in getting in front of your audience and introducing yourself.

I recently heard an interview with author and blogger James Clear where he said that he only stopped promoting his book Atomic Habits (his first book and a massive success by the way) because there was no one left to promote to.

Think about that.

He’d guested on every relevant podcast, guest posted on every relevant blog, done every relevant radio and TV spot, told every one of his personal connections, who likely told many of theirs.

It’s safe to say that almost every person who’s looked into the field of habits and productivity in the past year since his book came out is aware of both James and his book.

The lesson we can all learn from James that we can stop promoting when there’s no one left who’s not already aware of us. This doesn’t mean that they like us or our show, but at least they’re aware of us.

Guest on relevant podcasts, write guest blog posts, become engaged in relevant Reddit channels and Facebook…



Jeremy Enns

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